Advice Column

Q. I’m ready for my close-up! How do I book a session?
A. Just drop me a line here, and we’ll chat! Or visit me on Facebook to see the latest goings on.

Q. Do you provide hair and makeup artists?

Snow White maternity

A. I certainly do! 3 Little Birds Salon in Denver will make you look and feel like the bombshell that you are.  They do a wonderful job with vintage-inspired styling.  Professional help in the hair and makeup department make such an enormous difference in photographs, and it’s a great way to spoil yourself just a little!  Of course, if you’d prefer to use your own stylist, or to do your own hair and makeup, that is perfectly fine as well.

Q. But I don’t look like the models on your site.
A. There are no professional models on my site — and nobody walks around looking like this every day.

Q. Will you Photoshop me so I look perfect?
A. No, I won’t. But I will light you and pose you so that you look your very best. You don’t need a computer to look gorgeous.

Q. Will you shoot me in color?
A. Nope. OK, well, maybe, if it’s Polaroid. Or something different that sounds fun.

Q. What if my house is small / dirty / cluttered / dark / possessed?
A. I’ve been shooting in my clients’ homes for over a decade, in four countries and across the US. There is always a way to make your home look stunning, and I love including your own environment in your portraits. If you really don’t want to shoot in your home, we can book a hotel room for your session.  I do offer one weekend day per month for hotel shoots at a special rate — but if you’d rather choose your own date and time, we can make anything work!  Really, the bottom line is, just ask!

Q. Do you travel for sessions?
A. Oui, da, ja, you betcha. I am happy to travel just about anywhere. When I’m able to schedule three or more session in any one city, travel expenses are on the house — so tell a friend!

Q. I have a special project in mind. Are you open to that?
A. Absolutely. I’m as ADD as they come; anything out of the ordinary that keeps me thinking is awesome.

Q. Should I have a drink before the shoot?
A. Most definitely. Just don’t be drunkety drunk. Sloppy is rarely sexy.

Q. Do you photograph cross dressers?
A. You better believe it, sister.


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